Thursday, January 12, 2017

14 Tips Hunting in a Ground Blind

If you are looking to hunt out of a ground blind this hunting season, this video has 14 great tips to help you out. Most of them in the video I already do myself when I'm hunting out of a ground blind for turkey hunting. But there was one that I don't do that I will start doing this next turkey season.


Tip #10 is the one I don't do. I have always worn camo in the ground blind. I just thought that was the thing to do since I was out hunting and thinking I needed to blend with the trees and bushes. Well I guess I never looked inside the blind when where camo to see what I looked at. I do know from now on I will be wearing black while in the ground blind and if I decide to move and hunt under a tree, I'll have the camo under the black clothing. I can just leave the black in the blind.

Another tip that I already know and do, is getting the blind out and set up a couple of weeks before hunting. My husband and I will go out about 2 to 3 weeks before the first day and get very thing set up, from brushing the leaves away, setting the blind up, getting the chairs and anything else we may need in there and checking it out from a distance just to make sure we didn't set it up to far in the field.

All the tips in the video are very good tips and they will help you out, if you are hunting from a ground blind.

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