Wednesday, January 18, 2017

All You Hunters, Do You Know What Kind of Ducks These Are?

If you aren't sure what change of ducks they are, below describes what they are and some facts about each one. They are not from North America but they are pretty cool looking.

The first duck or the front duck is called a Freckled Duck. They are a waterfowl species to Australia and they can be referred to as the monkey duck or the oatmeal duck. They are normally found mainland but can be see on the coastal and subcoatal wetlands in the dry periods. The ducks population is at risk of further reduction due to habitat destruction, droughts and game hunting.

The second duck or the back duck is called a Red Billed Teal. They are a waterfowl species to southern and eastern Africa. This duck is not migratory, but will fly great distances to find suitable waters. These ducks are a quiet species, but the displaying male has a whzzt call as to where the female has a soft mallard like quack.

I have never seen or heard of these ducks before, until my sister started working for a place that houses birds from all over the world. I thought they were pretty cool looking and wanted to see if anyone else knew what kind of ducks they were.

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