Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Disabled Veteran Shots Nice Big Horn Sheep

I love seeing articles like this one, were veterans get to go out and do some hunting. Some people just don't understand what this means to the veterans especially the ones that were able to hunt before they got injured over seas protecting us back here in America. There are so many organizations out there that do this for the veterans and I think it is a wonderful thing. I also think it is awesome for someone to give up their tag, so that a veteran could do hunting.

This hunt brought a smile to this veterans face. The veteran states in the article "It was an unbelievable team effort and I truly appreciate the compassion and footwork that made this hunt possible. It made me feel greatly appreciated. Many combat wounded veterans say the hardest things isn't the combat tour itself, but the transition back to 'normal' life. For someone like myself, this hunt has proven to be a great healing experience, and a great step toward normalization". Seeing that the hunt was success has to make the program feel even better about what they did.

Seeing hunting articles are awesome but hunting shouldn't be just about the kill or the monster you shot but the joy that it brings to the people you are hunting with or guiding them. If I was giving the chance, I would love to do this for a veteran.

If you had the chance to do a hunt for a veteran, would you do it?

If you want to read the full article, you can read it here.

Picture below is the veteran and his big horn sleep.

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