Monday, January 2, 2017

Should There be a complete ban on Lead Shot to Protect Eagles?

As a hunter myself, I have no problem with them banning lead shot. I already use steel shot for pheasant hunting and I enjoy shooting it. Yes there are times when the birds do get away but that's from some bad shooting not cause I am using steel shot. I guess when I first started hunting my dad had my shooting steel shot from the beginning and that's all that I have shot.

If it is going to save more eagles and other birds just like pheasants and waterfowl from getting lead poisoning then they should ban it. I enjoy watching the eagles while out in the blind hunting. One time I was out waterfowl hunting and there was a injured duck in the middle of the lake and an eagle tried over and over again to get the duck but failed. The point is, I might not have been able to see an eagle that if there was never a ban on lead shot for waterfowl hunting and other hunting. At this point there might not have been any eagles to see at all.

Even though I am a hunter, I still want to protect the wildlife so that they are plenty around to keep hunting them and so that my kids and possible grand kids will have a chance to hunt them too. I want kids to be able to see eagles all the time when out hunting or just around.

If you want to read the full article, you can read it here.

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