Monday, February 27, 2017

Ohio Looking to Increase Deer Bag Limit from 2 to 3

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources is looking to change the 2017-2018 deer hunting season bag limit from two deer to three deer. The reason they are doing this is "They don't want to keep the limit low and allow for so much growth that we have to increase that number way up there again".  As in 2006 the state of Ohio deer bag limit was at six, as the herd was so big.

If I lived in Ohio, I don't know how I would feel about the bag limit change. I live in Wisconsin where we have had CWD problems and the DNR here let you shot as many as you wanted for a couple of years and I know they didn't want the spread of the CWD but I feel like you don't see as many deer as you did before during our nine day deer hunt. Where my husband hunts he use to see tons of deer on opening day and the pass couple of years he hasn't seen a deer. So coming from a state I feel kinda killed off your herd of deer through the years not sure if I would like the deer bag limit to increase. I like to be able to put food on my table year after year even if it is one deer, it is still putting food on the table.

What are your thoughts on increasing the bag limit on deer, if it where in your state?

Here is the full article, you can read it here!

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