Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Can't Agree More With Hunting Traditions Changing

This article talks about the changing in hunting traditions. The decline in participation in the noble sport of hunting and all of the shooting sports as well. In this article they are also talk about the hunting community has shrunk to less than six percent of the nation's population and asking what else is going to change if the tradition of hunting and shooting sports slip out of focus and fades into history. Which is kinda of a scary thing if you think about it! They also talk about the combined activities support more than one and a half million jobs each year and if there is a big decline in these sports is it going to have some large economic consequences nationwide.

If you would like to read the full article, you can read it here!

I feel the same way as the gentleman that wrote the article. I am a third generation hunter and I am hoping that my children will follow in my husband and I's foot steps. I feel that now a days the children have all these electronics and don't know what exploring and play outside is now a days. Our children have gone out hunting with us from a very young age as long as the weather is nice enough for them and our six year old talks all the time about going out hunting and fishing and enjoys every part of it. We don't have any electronics in our house for them to wrap their noses in and on nice days we send them outside to play and explorer the woods.

What do you think about the cultures and traditions of hunting/fishing changing?

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