Thursday, April 20, 2017

Calling all Hunters, Do you know what kind of duck this is?

Do you know what kind of duck is sitting in the water? 

Well if you guessed the Mandarin Duck, you are correct. It is a beautiful bird. Here are some cool facts about the Mandarin Ducks. 

The mandarin duck is native to China and Japan. They are members of the genus, which has only one other member the closely related North American wood duck. The drakes are very different but the plumage of the females are very similar. They like small wooded ponds and avoid lakes or large bodies of open water, also can fly through trees with remarkable agility and perch in trees, which the female invariably chooses a hole or cavity in a tree trunk to lay her eggs. 

Mandarin Ducks only pair for the season and new pairs will form again in the autumn. Because of the closeness relationship with the wood duck, no hybrids have ever been recorded. The mandarin has a chromosome aberrance that makes it impossible for it to produce hybrids with other ducks. 

Female mandarins don't quack, which is kinda weird as you are use to hearing ducks quack. But they do make a series of clucking calls that are invariably uttered when they see danger. 

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