Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hunting Camp Rescues Abandoned Baby Moose. Awesome Story!

A hunting camp of students rescued a abandoned baby moose after the mother didn't return for it. Takla Landing was celebrating their first Spring Cultural Days with a hunting camp for students from a community school.

The group saw the mother moose and two calves on the shoreline and the mother moose and one of the calves ran into the bushes leaving the weaker calf on the shore. The group waited a while to see if the mother would return but after some time went by the group decided to take the moose back to camp with them.

They give the baby moose a blanket and bottle of milk and plenty of attention but they returned the calf to the beach in hopes that the mother would come back for it. They returned the next day and the mother moose had not come back for the calf so the group took it back to camp where the Northern Lights Wildlife Society picked up the baby moose and will rehabilitated and release it back to the wild.

Pretty cool that the group of students where there at the right time and did the right thing and stayed the life of that cafe. I have heard of animals leaving the weaker baby behind. I have seen a doe do it to a fawn before and it was pretty sad.

Would you have done the same thing? I know I would have.

If you would like to read the full article, you can read it here.

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