Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What were your best hunting memories from 2018?

I would have to say 2018 was a pretty good year for hunting. I may not have shot that monster buck, I was chasing all year but I had some awesome memories out hunting. My most favorite memory from this year is taking my children out hunting. They aren't old enough to hunt just yet but I still enjoy them coming out with me or even with my husband. I love watching their faces light up when a turkey or deer start walking in. They get even more excited when they get to go duck or goose hunting with us. I love showing them what ones are the ducks and what ones are the geese.

Other favorite memory is my dad buys my sisters, brother and I a pheasant hunt on a game farm. It is the best time and fun hunting with all my siblings as we don't get to do it offend with each of us having our own families and all. My children always loving coming with a helping watch for pheasants or showing us some that the dogs missed.

I know 2019 hunting season will be just as wonderful as 2018 or if not better. Our one child will be old enough to start coming with and carrying a gun as she will be 8. I really look forwarded to her hopefully shooting her first turkey or deer. I'm not sure if she will be ready for ducks or geese just yet.

I hope the rest of you have any awesome 2019 hunting seasons and can't wait to read your favorite memories from the 2018 hunting season. Good luck and best of wishes.


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