Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Doesn't Hurt to Refresh your Spring Turkey Safety.

As the spring turkey season is upon us or already going on it doesn't hurt to refresh your safety rules. That way you know no one will get hurt while your hunting with them. We see it almost every year where someone is shot and are seriously hurt or even end up dying. You don't want to be that person on the other end cause you didn't remember you safety rules.

Here are some simple rules that the DNR suggests for a safe and successful hunt.

- Identify your target, it's not a good enough reason to take a shot when a hunter only thinks they are seeing a legal target.
- Do not shoot at sound and movement.
-Be certain of your target, what's in front of it and beyond it.
-Avoid wearing red, white and blue. These colors are also shared by gobblers.
-Use gobble calls only to locate a tom, not to attract one. Some other hunter might think you're a turkey.
-Never carry or move an uncovered decoy.

Just be safe and have a good time hunting. No one wants to get that phone call you have been shoot by another hunter or you have shoot a hunter by accident. Good Luck hunting and hopefully you will come home with a nice turkey.

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