Monday, April 22, 2019

Seriously my Uncle is the luckiest hunter I know!

This morning my uncle went out turkey hunting since he wasn't able to make it out this past weekend. He sat in the same blind in the same spot I did all weekend long and had a tom fly right down into the decoys for him. It was a 27.5 pound bird. I saw turkeys but they were all hens and he has this happen right away. Last year he had the same thing happen on opening day. He is the luckiest hunter around. Maybe I need to start hunting with him and I might end up getting something.

I am not giving up hope, there are still later season tags available and you can bet I am going to go buy one so at least I can say I put in the time and effort to get a turkey even if I don't end up getting one.

Here is a picture of my uncle with his turkey.

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