Tuesday, May 7, 2019

9-year-old girl bags big Turkey! Love when the Kids are out.

This 9-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, shot her a nice turkey this year. The turkey had a 9.5 inch beard and 1.25 inch spurs. For a child that is a nice bird and even for us adults that's a nice bird. As a parent, I would have been jumping up and down yelling if my child shot a nice bird or just a turkey in general. What I love most about this article is the fact that they aren't just out there to shot a turkey but to connect as father and daughter.

My children aren't old enough to shot but they still get to come out with my husband and I and see what hunting is all about. For us it's not just getting that trophy (but it's a nice surprise when it happens) but food on the table for the family and being able to connect with no one else around.

Do you enjoy taking your children out hunting with you or can't wait for the day to be able to take them out?

Picture below is Grace the girl who shot this nice turkey during a youth hunt.

If you would like to read the full article, you can read it here!

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